Wilderness - An Adventure for All

At some point in history, the people living in Central Europe lost their ties with the wilderness, the primeval forest. As a matter of fact, the real primeval forests with all their fauna ranging from xylophagous beetles to wolves have disappeared centuries ago. What is left are numerous stories, myths and fairy tales, all of which are not suited to build trust. But we must trust in nature and its own dynamics in order to include all people under the motto of the Wilderness Development Areas: "... to be wild" and to support their free and undisturbed evolution as it is the wish of many people.


The Wilderness Development Areas of North-Rhine-Westphalia will be an adventure for all visitors. Those who whish to participate in the change that will bring about the primeval forests of tomorrow are invited to experience wilderness in certain areas where adventure trails will be created. This new environmental and educational programme also increases the touristic attractivity of the regions and supports their sustainable development.