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The „wild NRW"

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The „wild NRW"

The federal state North-Rhine-Westphalia has assumed responsibility and established about 100 Wilderness Development Areas with more than 300 individual zones. Soon, they will become the seeds from which wilderness can grow and will act as stepping stones for wild animals. However, decades or even centuries will pass before growth and decay will have returned to their natural harmony and establish natural diversity.


Encouraging Wilderness

Even North-Rhine-Westphalia once was all wilderness. Its primeval beech and oak forests covered vast parts of the country. Inside, the unwritten law of growth and decay dominated. Each wild animal living in these woods played a very particular role for the whole environment.

Most of this natural heritage has changed over the centuries under human influence. Many animals, plants and fungi were lost. Today, we give the forest the opportunity to awake a new wilderness. This includes reducing its economic usage and human interference. Just leave nature be. This is our contribution to secure the World Natural Heritage of Ancient Beech Forests, to preserve our biologic diversity, to establish


Awaiting Wilderness

Today, North-Rhine-Westphalia has regained some of its wild spots. This new wilderness arises in the Eifel National Park, in forest reserves and Wilderness Development Areas without any human intervention. Axes and saws have come to a rest. No tree is planted, no tree is cut down. Mother Nature is back in control. All trees are left to grow, mature, fall over and rot.

We do not know what to expect but already we can see the first signs of new growth and decay and an emerging biodiversity. We do not want to interfere. Patiently, we observe selected wild forests while learning to understand them.

It is our aim to let wilderness happen, to live with the wilderness and to experience wilderness.


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Awaiting Wilderness
The Dämmerwald is an unfragmented forest covering an area of 1,450 hectares located near the municipality Schermbeck, in the Hohe Mark Westmünsterland National Park. Mixed acidophilous forests of oaks and beeches that are influenced by the Atlantic climate grow on stagnosol …